How it works

In the most simplistic terms, Boothop creates an environment for you to move your luggage/documents/packages from one point to another. We have the people, data and know-how, you just need to have a package to send or space for a package to be sent, we'll enable the transaction.

At we thrive on the human aspect of things providing a timely, people to people private goods transfer network. Get on the website, register and gain access to a peerless network of people with which to connect your luggage with.

In greater detail, we connect an individual making a journey (booter) who is willing and able to transport luggage/documents/packages to a destination for someone who wants something sent there (hopper). You list your journey or find a match with an already listed journey and boom, you're good to go!


Small Tokens

Once the booter and the hopper have agreed on all the details of the package to be sent, you each pay a small fee (£0.99) and we then release the contact details for each party to the other so they can complete their transaction.

No Peeping Toms Allowed

The transaction between both parties is completely private and by this we mean even we aren't privy to whatever deal you make with whoever you're booting or hopping with. This is so that there is complete freedom to come to an agreement that works for both individuals


Within the Country?

Going on a road trip? Going to visit the folks in the country? You can make it worthwhile by listing your trip on the site and finding someone who wants something delivered where you're going or on your way. This is available for any trip within the country, all the potential booter and hopper have to do is pay the small token price and register their details.

A Quick Plane Ride

For those going outside the country, you're not left out as we facilitate linking you with your booter or hopper for luggage/documents/packages that are to be delivered in a timely fashion.


Due to the importance of documents and the content inside of them, we take special care when it comes to this with a special charge of £9.99. With this your documents, letters and the like will be delivered in a timely fashion to wherever you want it to go.


We Are The Absolute Best

That's the answer to the question; Why Boothop?

  • We bridge a gap between traditional courier companies and their customers by connecting you with non-traditional carriers and vice versa.
  • Our Personalized service is unbeatable because you deal with named individuals, not faceless organizations with a contact center and robotic voices that hold up the line.
  • Our delivery system is seamless as constant communication can be achieved between both parties at all times of the parcel journey so you always know where your parcel is at any point in time. 
  • Not just boxed items - Items bought from an auction, letters to friends and family or documents to an enterprise can now be delivered timely
  • And finally, it's convenient. No more lines at the post office or stamps, you can now access this thriving network without having to leave your space.


Get Started In 4 Simple Steps


STEP 1. Register on our platform

Registration has never been easier! All you have to do is visit and click on the 'Get Started' icon located at the top left-hand corner. Conversely, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the home page and select the 'Create new account' option on the right-hand side and you can move on to the next step.



STEP 2. List your Journey

You can join our thriving community either as a Booter or a Hopper. Booters are those willing to deliver goods while Hoppers are those who want to send goods. Once you pick what category you want to identify with, simply put in your destination (i.e where you're taking off from and where you're going to). Don't be put off by any fields you're required to fill, we'll be holding your hand every step of the way.


STEP 3. Get connected

We're all about community and getting you connected to a suitable person who will deliver on your needs. Once you've filled in the details (name, personal contact, a beautiful picture of yourself and where you're willing to deliver to/have a package dropped off) we'll take over and match you with a suitable partner.


STEP 4. Get ready to Boothop

Transactions between potential Boothoppers are confidential and you are free to discuss terms and conditions of your contract. Once all these have been achieved, you're ready to Boothop! Sit back and relax (or drive/travel) knowing that you have one less worry in the world. You're welcome.