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Who is a BOOTER

The service provider on is known as the Booter. This might be an organisation or an individual


Who is a Hopper

The service consumer on Boothop is known as the Hopper. This might be an organisation or an individual.


How do i contact a Booter ?

Once you have identified a suitable Booter and completed our short registration process, the contact details of the booter will be released. Contact methods could be one of or any combination of telephone, email, social media etc. 


How do i contact a Hopper?

Once you have identified a suitable Hopper and completed our short registration process, the contact details of the hopper will be released. Contact methods could be one of or any combination of telephone, email, social media etc. 


How do i report a problem?

Please do not hesitate to inform us about any issues you experience, to ensure that the team can fix the Issue as quickly as possible.

Your opinion is so important to us, so please let us know your issue in as much detail as possible. Contact Us


Where do I meet a Hopper or Booter

We recommend that all Boothop transactions should take place in an Open/Public place i.e. at a Pub, a Mall, a Bus Station, a Train Station or an Airport



Who is responsible for goods in transit

The Booters are always liable for goods in transit, Booters are advised to always hand frisk the content of the package they collect.

If in doubt with the content container, then the Booter must inform the Hopper of his intention to change the goods container or cancel the transactional contract between both parties


What is Boothop Docs

Boothop Document ,is our anywhere letter delivery service using a people powered transport network where anybody is a potential courier.


Is boothop Free

Boothop does not get involved in the transaction between a Booter and a Hopper ,except a  non refundable commitment/process fee of 0.99 british pence per transaction.


What forms of payments are accepted

We currently accept Major credit, debit cards and PayPal.


How do i make payments?

Depending on the service, payments could be made directly to the service provider (as agreed between Booter and the Hopper). All payments made to will be processed by our certified payment processors e.g. PayPal. We never store or have access to your card details.


What Can I Send

You can send anything as long as it is Legal and the BOOTER is willing to carry it.

Below are a few examples of what you can BOOTHOP

Documents,Clothing, Fabric,Photos,DVDs,Computers,Laptops,Furniture’s,Vehicle,Bicycles,Wedding Cake,Books,game console,Non-prescription/Herbal medicines,Mobile phones and accessories,Projectors,Toys,Television Screens

The list is endless


What Items are not permitted on

For Restricted goods ,please see the link below

Restricted goods

This list includes items which are prohibited for carriage by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country from, to or through which the items may be carried.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of restrictions and is provided for guidance only. kindly encourages Booters/Hoppers to seek advice from the relevant government authorities for further clarification and the most up to date advice.


What rules apply to Ratings?

After each trip the Booter or Hopper are given the opportunity to rate one another. The rating is visible on the account of either the Booter or Hopper. Please bear in mind that your ratings  can impact the future activities of the Booter or Hopper. When leaving a rating, it is important to describe the facts and provide reasons, in particular if it is a negative rating.

Please Note:

The rating system enables the BootHop community to formulate an opinion on a member.Therefore, it is important to be reasonable in the rating that you leave, and to leave a negative rating only if it is warranted.


Why are ratings Important?

When you have used any of the BootHop services it is extremly important to leave a rating , it is important to leave ratings for the reasons below.

1. To share your experience with the entire BootHop community, Your feedback is important! Other members of the community can benefit from your experience, and will more easily be able to evaluate the trustworthiness of the Booter or Hopper you rate.

2. Accountability, the Boothop Rating System is also designed to provide a basic,sincere, accurate experience of Booter's and Hopper's on to ensure safe and satisfactory dealings. We at Boothop belief that through a transparent rating system, participants on could hold each other accountable. 


What should i do if i receive a rating i do not deserve?

If you receive a rating you do not deserve,  send an email to the BootHop support services where your issue would be Investigated.

Upon conclusion you would be contacted with the Outcome


When should i leave a rating and what about?

You should leave a rating based on any of the services offered by BootHop which you have experienced. 



I can't remember my password

If you are logged in but have forgotten your password, follow the steps under Change Your Password then click Forgot your password? and follow the steps to reset it.

Keep in mind that you'll need access to the email associated with your account.  Get BOOTHOP password